We sat down with Adam Boyar the owner and operator of Cross Roots Juice in San Diego, California to discuss his partnership with Chip Klouse and how The P3 Mastermind propelled his business to new heights, leading to substantial increases in sales and digital presence. 

Before Adam connected with Chip . . . 

 Cross Roots Juice was steadily growing its customer base and working with wholesale accounts in San Diego. However, Adam recognized the need for guidance, accountability, and fresh ideas to take his business to the next level. So he reached out for help.

Since joining The P3 Mastermind, Adam transformed his abstract aspirations into tangible goals. Instead of merely aiming to grow his business, he learned to define specific objectives, set deadlines, and pursue efficient strategies. An approach that helped him make significant progress by channeling his efforts toward measurable outcomes.

In addition, Chip's expertise in digital marketing played a crucial role in helping Adam establish a robust digital presence. As a direct-to-consumer business, Cross Roots Juice heavily relies on its digital ecosystem. Chip provided invaluable support by optimizing the business's website and devising effective social media ad strategies. His toolkits, insights, and willingness to explore solutions helped Adam navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

The impact of The P3 Mastermind on Cross Roots Juice's sales cannot be overstated. Adam's subscription model witnessed remarkable growth, increasing from 30 weekly subscribers to nearly 250 per week. This tenfold growth not only solidified their position but also provided a strong foundation for sustained success.

Adam looks forward to continuing his journey with The P3 Mastermind, confident in the program's ability to further elevate his business and achieve even greater accomplishments in the future.

To learn more about Cross Roots Juice, visit crossrootsjuice.com

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