David is a deli owner from Panama City, Florida, who significantly transformed his business by participating in Chip's Mastermind Program. Cahall's deli had been in operation since 1989 and had a steady stream of customers, generating annual sales of over $1.5 million. However, David struggled with profitability and was barely breaking even. Seeking guidance and improvement, he decided to join Chip's Mastermind Program and discovered a blueprint for success.

David had experienced consistent sales but was unable to achieve satisfactory profitability. Despite generating over $1.5 million in revenue, the business struggled to make a profit, with a yearly profit margin of only 1-2%. This lack of profitability was disheartening, especially considering the business's long-standing presence and community recognition.

The Next Step . . . 

David came across Chip's podcast and became intrigued by the idea of joining the P3 Mastermind Program. Realizing that he lacked knowledge and understanding in various areas of running a successful restaurant, he decided to give it a chance. In a short conversation with Chip, he quickly recognized the potential benefits of being part of a learning environment alongside experienced peers. He enrolled in the program, eager to learn and implement new strategies.

Upon joining the P3 Mastermind Program in January, David underwent a thorough evaluation of his business's profit and loss. Chip helped identify areas that needed improvement, creating a list of action items to address the shortcomings. David set a goal of implementing these changes within four weeks, striving to turn the business around.

In February, David diligently worked on the recommended changes, aligning the business with Chip's blueprint for success. These changes included optimizing cost of goods, labor management, and other key factors. By the end of February, he had implemented most of the changes and was ready to reap the rewards.


Within a month, he witnessed a remarkable transformation. In March, the business saw a substantial increase in profitability, achieving a profit of approximately $25,000 to $30,000. This marked a significant shift from previous years. The new strategies and systems implemented through Chip's guidance had a profound impact on the deli's success.

David also experienced a considerable reduction in stress as profitability improved. The newfound financial stability allowed for a more relaxed mindset, knowing that the business was capable of achieving higher profits. With a capable manager in place, David could step back and focus on working on the business rather than in it. This allowed for the exploration of new marketing strategies and expansion plans, paving the way for further growth.

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