Transforming 312 Pizza Company

Meet Kimberly Wolff and Aras Alexander, the husband and wife duo behind 312 Pizza Company in Nashville, Tennessee, where the flavors of Chicago meet Southern hospitality. With almost a decade in the pizza business, their journey has been a fusion of family recipes and a commitment to authenticity.

That's when They Decided to Enroll in The P3 Mastermind.

Initially hailing from Chicago, Kimberly and her family moved to Nashville and found a gap in the market – the absence of genuine Chicago pizza. Seizing the opportunity, they opened 312 Pizza, and the rest is history. However, despite a decade of success, they sensed there were aspects holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Enter Chip and the P3 Mastermind. Kimberly stumbled upon Chip's program through a Facebook ad during her search for ways to enhance restaurant profitability. The program's promises aligned perfectly with the improvements they envisioned for their business.


For Aras, a seasoned veteran in the restaurant industry, the P3 Mastermind became a game-changer. Chip, in his analogy, became the blade sharpener to their knife, refining their skills and elevating their business to new heights.

Their revelation was that certain financial aspects were slipping through the cracks, hindering their progress. Chip's teachings became a game-changer. The stress relief was palpable, and the newfound tools provided clarity on financial matters that once seemed daunting.

Since joining the P3 Mastermind, the progress has been remarkable. The business has become more organized, efficient, and creatively charged. The missing pieces have fallen into place, creating a significant impact on the overall success of 312 Pizza Company.

The P3 Mastermind has not only transformed their business but has also added depth and meaning to their entrepreneurial journey.

For anyone seeking a recipe to turn a successful concept into a highly profitable business, Kimberly and Aras wholeheartedly recommend Chip's P3 Mastermind. It's not just a program; it's a transformative experience that unlocks hidden potential and propels businesses to new heights.

To learn more about 312 Pizza Company, visit 312pizzaco.com

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