Mark Weghorst, is a culinary trailblazer who has redefined the seafood dining experience.

From Sea to Table With SlapFish... 

Slapfish, aptly named, brings together the worlds of fast-casual and full-service dining, all centered around the freshest seafood. Lunchtimes see a fast-casual setup, while evenings offer a full-service treat, making Slapfish a unique dining gem.

The Turning Point with Chip Klose

Before Mark partnered with Chip, Slapfish was already a success story in terms of sales. However, Mark sought something more profound – the ability to forecast and manage the business strategically, moving beyond the daily grind.

Working On the Business, Not Just In It

Mark quickly grasped the distinction between working in his business and working on his business, a pivotal insight that every restaurant owner needs. Whether you're just starting out or managing multiple locations, it's a transition essential for sustained growth.

Guiding Mark's Transformation

Chip played a pivotal role in simplifying Slapfish's complex operations. He provided a structured framework to dissect expenses, paving the way for a robust, profitable bottom line.

Joining the P3 Mastermind

Mark's decision to join the P3 Mastermind stemmed from the recognition that he was missing crucial insights into running his business efficiently. Weekly meetings with fellow restaurateurs going through similar challenges provided a wealth of insights and solutions.

Impact on the Business

The impact of Chip's guidance has been multi-faceted:

  1. A Stronger Bottom Line: Even in challenging times, Slapfish's bottom line reached new heights, a testament to effective management.
  2.  Data-Driven Decision-Making: A robust tracking system for cost of goods across all stores improved financial awareness and informed crucial decisions.
  3. Opening Success: Slapfish's expansion journey became more manageable, with the new store achieving an impressive 20% bottom line.

 To learn more about Slap Fish, visit www.slapfishrestaurant.com

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