Learn 10 proven, easy to implement methods for increasing revenue simply by downloading this free e-book. 

What Would Your Restaurant Look Like with 10% More Revenue?

These 10 Quick Tips Could Change Everything 

I’m the host of the Restaurant Strategy Podcast and for the past several years I’ve made my living primarily as a coach and consultant, helping chefs and operators build more profitable restaurants.

Most consultants get paid by the hour. They love to tell you how it takes time to see results. “Be patient,” they say in that condescending tone as they rack up a huge bill.

But I don’t believe that.

While some aspects of the work take time, I know there are things you can do right away to make an immediate impact on your bottom line. In this e-book I want to show you what they are, and how to successfully implement them. I’m going to explain why they work, and even give you case studies from some of my own clients.

By the end you’re going to have a step-by-step playbook to start moving the needle in your business.

You know your business better than anyone. You know your customers better than anyone. But sometimes you just need an outside eye.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve spent my entire adult life working in restaurants and I know the effect my work has had. My goal, both on the podcast and in the work I do with my clients, is to make this stuff understandable and actionable. What good is having a winning strategy if you can’t figure out how it works? How can you capitalize on a new tactic if you don’t know how to put it into practice?

In the pages that follow I’m going to share ten tips you can use immediately to drive more sales in your restaurant. What would your business look like with 10% of additional revenue?

Let’s find out!

Nathan M. (Wisconsin)

“You have to take action in order for any of this to work… but trust me, it works.”

Kevin S. (South Carolina)

“It’s been very beneficial in terms of helping our business grow, helping us adapt, and really maximize our profits.”

Juli H. (California)

“I’ve learned a lot and have taken away lots of good ideas!”


Chip Klose is a NYC-based restaurant consultant as well as the host of the Restaurant Strategy Podcast. Over the past 20 years he’s worked with James Beard Award-winners and Michelin-starred chefs, and has opened numerous properties to rave reviews in one of the most saturated markets in the world.

His goal — both in the work he does with his clients as well as on the podcast — is to help chefs and operators build more profitable restaurants. Guests on his podcast have included New York Times bestselling author Martin Lindstrom, Wharton professor Peter Fader, Founder of Cali BBQ Media, Shawn Walchef, and many, many more. The show is consistently listed on Apple’s Top 100 Marketing Podcasts, and was recently voted as a Top 20 Restaurant Podcast by Feedspot. 

As a coach he’s worked with dozens of companies, helping them with everything from menu costing and payroll to developing a framework for how to position their restaurant in the market.

He’s a sought-after public speaker, lecturing on many topics including profitability and the intersection of hospitality and tech. His first book, aptly titled Restaurant Strategy, will be released in the summer of 2022.

He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and son.