Stephanie Morgan is the owner of SeaBirds Kitchen, a vegan restaurant concept with three locations in Southern California. She started her journey in the industry as a food truck owner in 2010 and later expanded to open three restaurants. However, the COVID-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges, including rising costs and declining profits. That's when Stephanie realized she needed some extra guidance, so she reached out to Chip Klose in search of support to turn her struggling business around.

Her Challenge?

 Stephanie's business was experiencing a significant decline due to the impact of the pandemic. Rising labor costs, increased cost of goods, and decreased customer traffic were major hurdles that affected the profitability of her restaurants. Despite her efforts, Stephanie struggled to reverse the negative trend.

That's When She Decided to Join the P3 Mastermind

Stephanie came across Chip and the P3 Mastermind program through various channels, such as email newsletters, podcasts, and word-of-mouth recommendations. Intrigued by the program's promise of providing effective strategies and practical tools, Stephanie decided to give it a try. She recognized the need for expert guidance and hoped that the program could help her regain control over her business and achieve sustainable profitability.

Upon joining the P3 Mastermind program in March, Stephanie quickly realized the benefits of having Chip as her coach and the support of the group. With Chip's guidance, she swiftly implemented changes within her restaurants. By April, Stephanie managed to turn two of her locations into profitable ventures once again, marking a significant improvement within just two months of joining the program. The program's emphasis on projecting sales and setting concrete labor goals played a crucial role in Stephanie's success. She also learned to think creatively and restructure her management team, leading to better labor management and cost optimization.


By implementing labor management strategies, restructuring her team, and thinking creatively, Stephanie successfully turned two of her struggling restaurants into profitable ventures. The program's emphasis on accountability, guidance, and support from fellow restaurant owners has empowered Stephanie to make informed decisions, achieve her business goals, and regain confidence in her ability to navigate the challenges of the industry. Through the P3 Mastermind program, Stephanie has not only transformed her business but also helped her discover the benefits of having a coach and a supportive network to lean on during challenging times.

To learn more about Seabirds Kitchen, visit seabirdskitchen.com

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