CHIP KLOSE is a New York City–based restaurant coach as well as the host of the Restaurant Strategy podcast. He has amassed more than two decades of operational experience in the hospitality industry, opening Michelin-starred restaurants and collaborating with numerous James Beard Award–winning chefs. He is a contributing writer for Bar & Restaurant and travels the country as a noted public speaker, giving presentations on marketing, operations, technology, and more. He earned his MBA in food marketing from Saint Joseph’s University, where he frequently teaches as a guest lecturer.

As a coach he’s worked with dozens of companies, helping them with everything from menu costing and payroll to developing a framework for how to position their restaurant in the market.

His goal — both in the work he does with his clients as well as on the podcast — is to help chefs and operators build more profitable restaurants. Guests on his podcast have included New York Times bestselling author Martin Lindstrom, Wharton professor Peter Fader, Founder of Cali BBQ Media, Shawn Walchef, and many, many more. The show is consistently listed on Apple’s Top 100 Marketing Podcasts, and was recently voted as a Top 20 Restaurant Podcast by Feedspot.